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Headmaster, Derek Tremblay, appeared on Local and Live in the morning to discuss the Change Direction event, which took place at Mount Royal Academy on October 26. Mr. Tremblay discussed the purpose of the event, as well as the influence of mental health in the formative years of child development. 

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Headmaster, Derek Tremblay, offered his reflections on his own Catholic education at St. Thomas Aquinas in Dover, and his comments were featured in the school’s publication fittingly entitled “Reflections”.

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Our Headmaster, Derek Tremblay was joined by Newport Montesorri Schools Christy Whipple in a radio interview about the first annual Upper Valley School Choice and Camp Fair. They discuss the purpose of the fair as well as the burgeoning interest in school choice throughout the region.

The interview can be heard via podcast here.

In the video above, Admissions Director Matt McMenaman discusses the school's enrollment and future outlook with Lynn Solomon of the Kearsarge Chronicle.

Athletic Director, Andrew Mihaly recieved the "Volunteer of the Year" award from the Merrimack Basketball League in 2016. Watch his interview on YCN in the video above.

2014 Annual Slideshow

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How did Mount Royal Academy impact your child?

Mount Royal Academy has made all the difference in my son's life with regard to school and his personal life in general.  He transferred to MRA as a 5th grader.  He should have stayed back in 4th grade, but the classroom teacher he was going to have told us that she felt he has had enough upheaval in his life the last few years that she would take on the task of catching him up over the next two years that she would have him for.  He didn't even know she was filling in the gaps and neither did the other students.  The work was hard for sure, but at the end of 5th grade he was ready to enter the 6th grade at grade level.  His grades and confidence continued the slowly climb until the end of 7th grade, where he made honor roll for the first time during the last quarter and every quarter since.  He is now a freshman in the high school program, and he is feeling confident with himself as a human being, as a student, as a friend, and as a Catholic.  I forgot to mention that during his first year with MRA the teachings of the Catholic faith really struck a cord with him.  He pondered the idea of becoming a Catholic for several years until in 7th grade, when he decided it was time to receive all three of his sacraments during Easter Vigil with a few other classmates that were taking the journey. Many students, families and parishioners looking were on.  He will tell you that transferring to Mount Royal Academy is the best thing that could have happened to him.

- Griffin/Dufort Family, 1 Freshman enrolled

How does Mount Royal Academy support your own family values? What distinguishes the classical curriculum features at MRA from the Common Core movement in public education?

As Pope John Paul II pointed out in his encyclical, The Splendor of Truth, we live in a time of great moral confusion.  False moral systems are being promoted in every imaginable way: from entertainment to education.  This moral confusion has allowed evil to become increasingly acceptable and even popular in our society.

One of the most erroneous and subtly dangerous ideas ever is that somehow our faith and any and everything else in life should remain separate.  As Catholics, we refused to sit idly by and watch as the Common Core Curriculum distracted our children from that which is most important and in many instances, actually fought against our values.  

As parents we felt obligated to take control of our children's education before it took control of them.  We refuse to allow God to be removed from the hearths and minds of our Children and have chosen a school that conforms to a higher authority than what society deems appropriate or acceptable.

- McLaughlin family, 2 children enrolled

What do families think about academics at Mount Royal?

"Our children receiving an excellent education has always been very important and a prominent aspect of their lives.  At MRA the academics are challenging, accountability is kept alive, and learning is enjoyable."

- Klucinec family, 6 children currently enrolled

“Good or bad, you carry your schooling with you the rest of your life. Every parent knows this, which is why we worry so much. My wife and I wanted our twins to benefit from the rigors of a liberal arts education. But we also wanted them to carry the solace of a spiritual foundation we know will serve them in the good and bad times that always come. Mount Royal has given us both.”

- Cunningham family, 2 children enrolled

What makes Mount Royal such a special place?

"In today's world where it is questionable for children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school, it is good to have our kids in a school that not only recites the pledge but honors our military who protect our flag."

- Wallace family, 6 children currently enrolled

How does Mount Royal place an emphasis on formation in addition to information?

"Mount Royal teaches beyond the curriculum. It is a place where academics and faith can walk hand in hand to teach the whole student. Mount Royal also teaches our children the beauty of being virtuous, in a world that tells them otherwise."

- Wallace family, 6 children currently enrolled

How did Mount Royal prepare you for college?

"Academically, Mount Royal really helped me improve my writing skills, and at the college level I find myself again and again at an advantage over other students, whether its writing papers, outlines, or citing my sources. Something I noticed throughout high school is there is a lot of potential at Mount Royal; it is just up to each individual kid to do well or not. For the students who honestly try, they will come out of high school with a lot of abilities, a strong work ethic, and independent motivation that will be very valuable in college and afterwards."

- Elijah Nelson, 11'

What are some lasting impressions from your educational experience at MRA?

I would like to say that I am very proud of my high school, Mount Royal Academy, and all the teachers, staff, benefactors, and the families that work to make the school what it is. Though it is small, it continues to grow, and it gives each student multiple opportunities to grow and enjoy themselves: soup kitchens, the March for Life, having dances, through sports events, ice skating, field days, playswrights, holy mass, or in their day-to-day classes and other activities. When I look back to the school and where it has come from, there is no doubt in my mind that Mount Royal is a living example of how we are called to attempt to grow together in Christ through our youth and their education.

- Elijah Nelson, 11'