A Christmas Message from our Headmaster

Merry Christmas!  It may sound like I am too late to be wishing you a Merry Christmas, however, it is important to remember that the Christmas Season begins on Christmas Day.

“The Christmas season begins with the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Christmas day, or as a vigil on Christmas Eve. The Feast of Christmas lasts 12 days, until Epiphany. However, the time from Epiphany until the Baptism of the Lord is also included in the Christmas season. Traditionally, Epiphany had been fixed to January 6th, and the Baptism celebrated on the octave of Epiphany, which was January 13th. In most countries, the Epiphany is now celebrated on the Sunday closest to January 6th, and the Baptism celebrated the following Sunday.”   ( http://www.aquinasandmore.com/catholic-articles/the-catholic-liturgical-year/article/208)

It is interesting to me that the culture is just the opposite as many end their celebrating by Christmas Day.  All the Christmas parties have been had, the cards have been received, the after Christmas sales are in full swing, and the trees are on the curb.   The Good News is that we have another week to celebrate.   A nice idea would be to have a party or start a new tradition this weekend for the feast the Epiphany this Sunday, January 8, 2012.

With this said I also have exciting news to share.  The week of January 30, 2012 will begin the process for taking down the Upper School in preparation for our new classroom building to be completed by August 2012.  The new building will be two stories and will include larger classrooms for the Pre-K and Kindergarten, an adoration chapel, and classrooms for 1st – 8th grades.  Jr. High and High School students will have classes in the St. Joseph's Center and the Lower School for the remainder of the year.  We are very thankful for the Broom family and their generosity to Mount Royal Academy giving this new building to us. Please join me in thanking them and praying for them and their intentions.

God Bless your families and Merry Christmas!

David A. Thibault