Fall Plant Sale Around the Corner

Hello MRA Families,

Continuing our tradition of great Plant Sales, we will be hosting a Fall Plant Sale on Friday, September 16th from 2pm – 4pm (will stay til 5pm if you request ahead of time) and Saturday, September 18th from 9am to noon.

For the fall, we will be featuring mums, decorative cabbage/kale and sedum from our friends at Black Water Nursery in Boscawen.  Additionally, we will have dug perennials from our family of wonderful gardens in the area.  I am also looking into fall colored pansies, but the nursery did not have them yet.

If you will be buying Mums for the fall season…please consider buying them from us!  They won’t be cheaper than WalMart or Home Depot, but all the proceeds will go to HASA and this is our kick off fundraiser!

So you can compare prices, I’ve listed the sizes, colors and prices of what is available.  Please preorder from me if you know what you want, that way I can pick it just for YOU at the nursery and have additional stock to sell to the public . Simply send me a reply email or one before September 9th when I need to place the order with the nursery.  If you want something particular (hydrangeas, other perennials, other bushes) just let me know and I will try to track it down for you.

Here is what we plan to have…

Mums, all colors: true red, rust/bronze, light and dark purple, maroon, white, yellow and orange

4” pots = $3.50, 6.5” pots = $4.50, 9” pots = $6.50

Decorative Cabbage and Kale

4” pots = 3.50 9” pots = $6.50

Sedum (perennial)

1 gallon = $10.00, 2 gallon = $12.00

If you have perennials in your own yard that we can divide and sell, please dig them for us OR call me, I will come to your home and dig them myself!  I also have pots if anyone needs to transplant their perennials for our sale.

God Bless,

Lynn Solomon