Gifts and Talents That Bring Joy

Typically a student relishes any opportunity to avoid school. Many countdown the minutes until recess or days until the next break. There is one student, however, in the class of 2017 who does not fit this stereotype. Kealan Vasquez enjoys being at school even when his presence is not required. Because he is dually enrolled in MRA and River Valley Community College, his daily course load is somewhat limited. Despite this, Kealan is a steadfast presence on campus. His joyful countenance rarely goes unnoticed. In fact, his two siblings, Madison and Ian who are also members of the class of 2017, treble the effect as they, too, are consistent models of affability.

Teachers and administrators alike note the many qualities of this young man. “Kealan is a great example of what makes MRA a family.  He can as easily be found playing with elementary students at recess as helping a high school student with math.  His enthusiasm as a member of Student Government for bringing all grade levels together has been the catalyst for many fun school events,” says Vice Principal Katie Richardson. Headmaster Derek Tremblay adds, “Kealan is quite a remarkable young man. I have seen him blossom academically and personally. He is both brave and comfortable in his own skin, and therefore willing to try new things. One subtle characteristic is his magnetic charisma, for he can bring others around him to a higher plane socially, or even inject joy in any given situation. Doors will be open to him as he leaves here that aren’t always open for others, but that isn’t only because of high academic achievement. I think Kealan loves to make a positive difference wherever he is, and he understands that God’s plans are better than men’s.”

Kealan plays two high school sports. He was the sixth man off the bench for this year’s inaugural varsity basketball season. His reliability and intensity contributed to the team securing a playoff berth. He also plays for the junior varsity baseball team, a member of the same core group that pioneered the boys’ baseball team. Also, as a member of National Honor Society and the President of Student Government, Kealan seems to heed our Lord’s admonition, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” No matter where or how, Kealan seeks to serve and give it his all.