Knights Basketball: Season in Progress

The Mount Royal boys basketball team is having one of its most successful seasons in recent years. The Knights currently possess a 7-4 record, and our younger squad is undefeated in two games against other Junior Varsity squads. We asked the coach, Mr. Will Begin, some questions to discover why the team is performing exceedingly well.

Coach Begin shared that the team willingly plays defense. This is very revealing, as most teams go for the glory by focusing on individual offensive opportunities, rather than spill their tanks on the defensive side of the ball. A common mantra that if often stated to the players is that a solid defense can lead to a dominating offense. The Knights wear down larger and more talented teams through sheer willpower. In fact, they offer eight variations of a press defense, which is guaranteed to force at least ten turnovers a game. They deny layups by clogging the lane, beating opposing players to key defensive positions, and forcing teams to shoot jump shots.

Coach Begin thinks the Knights are more balanced this season than in previous seasons. We are capable of going eight deep down the bench, and all eight players are eager to exert exceptional efforts in order to out hustle opposing teams. Better ball-handling overall allows the Knights to spread the scoring around the court.

Because of marked improvements, the Knights have entered into a very competitive invitational tournament down at St. Marie's Gym in Manchester. We have traditionally participated in this tournament in the past, but were unable to for a few seasons because of limited players. A terrific blue-collar attitude that is shared by the whole team gives us a fighting chance at capturing a tournament title. Nevertheless, if the Knights don't taste victory, we always emphasize that their efforts are more valuable than any victory.

As we enter the Lenten season, we recall the physical and emotional suffering of Christ, as He willed Himself to the Cross that wrought our salvation. We pray that the example of Christ will inspire our boys to face the adversity of this upcoming tournament with the strength that allowed Christ to carry the cross, sacrificing their bodies for the betterment of each other.