Letter from Headmaster

Dear Friends,

Mount Royal Academy is a private Catholic school in Sunapee, NH with a clear vision and philosophy, which makes the academy a unique and special option for families in the Upper Valley. Our philosophy recognizes each student’s dignity as a child of God, uniquely created with their own strengths, weaknesses, and “calling”.   It is built on the principles of classical education, in that we appreciate the developmental stages of students, and use that understanding when making important curriculum decisions.

In the elementary years the focus is on developing a strong foundation in phonics, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, penmanship, grammar, composition, math concepts and math facts.  For this reason the use of technology is limited in the primary and intermediate grades.  We believe it is important for our students to learn about our world through religion, science and history and have a strong foundation in the arts.

In the High School students study in this “classical” approach by reading classic literature; analyzing the authors’ worldviews and the books’ themes; evaluating their transcendent truths, measuring them in light of errors, comparing them with Natural Law, the Church’s teachings and Scripture; and relating these truths to the students’ real life experiences.  This in-depth study, illuminated by our Catholic faith, is what makes a high school education at Mount Royal unique.

Our Catholic faith is central to our philosophy and as stated in our mission, we are called to inspire students to grow in their knowledge of and love for God, which will enable them to love and serve those around them.  We understand that the teaching of our Catholic faith is not limited to religious instruction in the classroom or during liturgical celebrations throughout the year, but through modeling Christianity as a comprehensive way of life.  It should animate our attitudes and be integrated into all our activities as we strive to create an environment in which students’ faith and virtue will gradually mature.

Please pray for us as we begin our seventeenth school year, and we will continue to pray for you and your intentions.

In Christ,

David A. Thibault