Liturgical Happenings

Nativity of Mary

A particularly distinctive component of education at Mount Royal Academy is the numerous liturgically based celebrations that are included in our academic calendar. We cherish these moments as an opportunity for giving thanks to God for our school, and also to form the total person: body and soul. Children are impressionable learners, and it can be a great benefit to their spiritual development to honor special feasts in the Church during the school day. In addition, we also celebrate the Holy Mass every Monday during school hours, and we pause each Friday morning to pray the Rosary as a school, offering our gratitude to our Heavenly Mother, Mary.

Thus far, we have been fortunate to have Fr. Robert Biron of the Our Lady of Fatima parish offer two masses. We have likewise prayed the rosary twice. Once, the 7th and 8th grade ladies led the rosary, and the other time our 5th and 6th grade classroom was brave enough to guide the whole school in the prayers of the rosary. We always pause so the students can recall their own intentions, and pray as much as we can for those who have asked for our prayers.

We also had a very special celebration on the feast of the Nativity of Mary. Classrooms in the lower school had individual ceremonies that visibly expressed our affection to Mary by offering a gift of gratitude in the form of flowers and prayers. In the upper school, the statue of Mary also received some special flowers as a sign of our devotion to her. Thanks to a special benefactor, these gifts were made possible. The entire school also shared a tasty treat in honor a Mary, a cake with "Happy Birthday Mary" sprinkled on the front. It is an experience that is certainly unique to Mount Royal.

Beginning last year, we also started a monthly recitation of the rosary for the Pro-Life cause. We make a spiritual pilgrimage as a school down to Washington, D.C. each year in order to march for life, and this rosary was an idea proposed by the students as a way of spiritually preparing for the trip. It also keeps us focused on the need for spiritually and morally supporting mothers who are struggling with an early pregnancy.

And just last evening, we had our annual Mass to mark the beginning of the school year. This was open to all families, and a significant number was in attendance. St. Patrick's parish was kind enough to lend us their mission church, and Fr. Rick St. Louis offered the Mass. Students were altar servers and lectors, and families united in order to call upon Holy Spirit, that the school year would be filled with rich blessings. Families sacrifice a great deal to attend this Mass, and we appreciate their willingness to attend after a long and strenuous day of school.

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!