The New Face of Missionary Work

Dear Families,

When I think of missionary work my imagination can easily conjure up the image of the lone missionary going forth, struggling through hardships, arriving overseas, and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of such un-charted territory. Our Catholic Church from the beginning has been going forth to evangelize all parts of the world. It has always been awe inspiring to hear of such people called to a life of missionary work. My inspiration came not only from the work of the missionary but from the tremendous gift of faith and courage it must have taken to make such an excursion into the world. Today as a father of eight children I now real-ize we are all called to such missionary work in the unchartered territories of our own families, towns, and communities. In fact, I find myself equally awed observing parents striving to bring a life in Christ to their families and witnessing to their children the life of the domestic mission-ary.

However, as we launch our international program at Mount Royal Academy I am recognizing another new face in missionary work. Instead of going and staying in a foreign country to share the Good News we are going to another country and bringing students back to the domestic mis-sionaries working in our homes. What a beautiful act of love to give this gift to our international students and our own children as they now have the opportunity to bring Christ to students their own age from around the world.

Please join me in praying for our international students and their host families that they have a successful school year.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

David A. Thibault