New Program for Homeschooling Families Announced

Hello Homeschooling Families,

Mount Royal Academy has come to the assistance of numerous homeschooling families over the years, and would like to announce the beginning of a new program to reach homeschooling families outside of the Upper Valley region in New Hampshire.

We are a small, private, independent, Catholic school nestled in the Lake Sunapee area, and we have received formal recognition from our bishop, John B. McCormack.

Homeschooling families are undoubtedly attracted to the size and authentically Catholic culture that permeates the school community. We can also facilitate host families for students who enroll in our school from distances outside of the local area, which some of the current families enrolled are taking advantage of. We are willing to enroll students at any point during the school year, and our faculty will work to draft a plan that will meet the needs of any newly enrolled student. Newly enrolled students from homeschooling families often receive special attention to ensure that they are ready to continue forward and thrive in our curriculum. We are especially successful at helping families who wish for adolescent children to enter into a more social, engaging, yet disciplined learning environment.

At Mount Royal we strive to answer a unique call to come to the aid of homeschooling families, to support parents in their role as primary educators, and we really hope that we can serve families from around the New England area.

If you are interested in hearing more about the school, or even scheduling a visit, please contact our Admissions Director, Derek Tremblay, via email at, or over the phone at 603 763 9010.

May God Bless all your families!