Senior Boys Look Back on Basketball Season

The Mount Royal Basketball boys basketball team had its most successful season in school history. Our boys were finally victorious in capturing the title at the annual Mount Royal Tournament, a tradition that will continue well into the future, as we look forward to the opening of our own gym for the 2011 - 2012 school year.

Our coach, Mr. Will Begin, had this to say shortly after the championship game:

"Wow! Hard to believe the season is over. This team came a long way from November to March....It's a long season but to see the improvement over the season is inspiring as a coach. The kids were respectful, they tried, and did everything we asked of them  to become a better team.

Understanding that it all led to this great finish made  the last minute was very emotional for me. It started 3 years ago with a group of kids that had very little basketball experience. To see them respond in a big game like this and do it looking like really good basketball players was almost over whelming. To Matt my son, Eli, Joe, and Will Deacon who started that journey with me 3 years ago I say thank you for believing in me and my defensive system to win games. To the players from the 2nd year and this year: Thank you for listening and improving as players. I know I demanded a lot from you but you responded well. Without you we never could have achieved what we did.

To the Seniors Matt, Eli, Joe and Eason.. You will be missed but because of your effort the day will not be forgotten. I hope you all savored the moment and just enjoyed the rest of your day. The day you were the champions March 19th,  2011."

The seniors shared the following remarks when asked to consider their last year in the program:

"We came together as a team this year; starters, bench players, and coaches worked together better than ever before" - Elijah Nelson

"This year we worked together as one team, one unit, more than any of the other years I've played" - Matt Begin

"One of our greatest attributes was our that our intensity level, which helped us overcome the height and experience of other teams." - Joe Wallace

We are very grateful to our coaches, Mr. Begin and Mr. Bocko, as well as to all the families who made sacrifices so our boys could enjoy growing through the game of basketball.