Spirit Week 2012 Recap

Spirit Week 2012 was celebrated between October 9th and 12th. It gave the student body an opportunity to celebrate the mission of Mount Royal Academy in a variety of ways. Students were relieved to forgo the regular dress code for the entire week, and responded very passionately by dressing according to special themes chosen by the Student Government.

Here is a recap of how students demonstrated school spirit each day of the week: Tuesday was sportswear day, giving students the opportunity to represent their favorite professional team or athlete;  on Wednesday students came to school featuring either a crazy hat or unexpected hair-do; Thursday afforded students the chance to wear the costume of their favorite superhero, fictional character, or saint; and on Friday each classroom dressed in the same color to show support for their classmates.

Student Government leaders traveled through the classrooms during the day to judge which student demonstrated the most school spirit in their dress, hair styles, costumes, or classroom colors.

There were also two special school-wide events. On Thursday the Drama Club put on its first production of the 2012 - 2013 school year. As an extension of the special theme for the day, superheroes battled against the dreaded villains of Mount Royal Academy: homework, dress code, distraction, and the ultimate nemesis: Mr. Thibault (our Headmaster). The skit was well-received, as many students enjoyed the lighthearted humor and fun. Friday featured the first ever pep rally at Mount Royal Academy. Classrooms competed against one another to see which grade level had the most spirit, and teachers faced off in trivia hosted by arguably the wisest member of the faculty - Dr. Kaplakgian. The pep rally was finished with an introduction of the JV girls and boys soccer teams, where students showed their support for the Knights of Our Lady.

We would like to extend a special 'thank you' to the Student Government for organizing and leading the week's events. We are also grateful that the entire student body responded positively by fully participating throughout all of Spirit Week 2012.

St. Irenaeus once said that "the glory of God is a human being fully alive". We cherish moments in the school year when students and teachers can reciprocate the joy of Jesus Christ to one another, for it reminds us all that we are called to be joyful stewards of God's grace. As we celebrate our faith and mission in a joyful manner we become powerful instruments of evangelization. If we aren't living our faith as happy people, then who would want to become a part of Jesus' kingdom here on earth? Jesus came so that we might have life, and have it to the fullest.