Striving With All Energy

Student Spotlight: Taylor Goodspeed

The Greeks called it eudemonia - the life well-lived. Catholic teaching names it human flourishing. It can only be attained by the pursuit of virtue and excellence in all avenues of life. Although it requires a lifetime of growth, there is no reason one can’t start young. Such is the case with Taylor Goodspeed. Just halfway through elementary school and she is a consistent high Honors/Headmaster's list student, avid athlete, and community volunteer.

Taylor plays soccer for MRA and has been invited to play softball for the New England Diamond Devils - an AAU Travel Softball team out of Keene, NH. After taking lessons and attending clinics at The Summit Athletic Center, the coaches quickly recognized her ability and invited her to join the team. Not content with these two sports, she also is playing basketball as part of the Newport Rec league.

When home she enjoys riding her dirt bike, quad, or snowmobile, writing stories, or creating her own homework assignments because she simply loves to learn. Throughout the year she manages to find time to help out with the local Toys for Tots drive and Kiwanis. Her two dogs, two cats, goat and flock of chickens help nurture her future aspiration to become a veterinarian.

“Taylor has an incredible work ethic for a student of her age. She is remarkably focused and driven in her studies, and is not discouraged when she struggles at first to grasp a new concept. Even more remarkable than her drive, however, is her dedication to her friends and classmates. She is a natural leader, but still humble enough to admit when she's wrong,” observed her grade 3 teacher, Corinne Jones. “Taylor is a great example of home and school working together to, as our school motto says, educate the whole person. Not only is she well-rounded in her activities, she is a kind and generous presence in our school. I love her sunny smile and talking football and politics with her,” noted Vice Principle, Katie Richardson.

Not content to leave any stone unturned in the pursuit of all excellence, Taylor also enjoys camping and skiing! 

“For this I toil, striving with all the energy which he mightily inspires within me.” Col 1:29