Student Spotlight: Maryrose McLaughlin

Junior high school can be a difficult adjustment for many students. Transitions between classes, organization and time management, and more challenging subject material can take its toll on a sixth grade student. This has not been the case for Maryrose McLaughlin. After maintaining a place on Headmaster’s List and receiving the President's Award for Educational Achievement each of her elementary years, it is not surprising that Maryrose achieved high honors in the first quarter of her junior high career. Headmaster Derek Tremblay says, “Maryrose legitimately seeks to learn for the sake of learning. Her passion in science specifically is truly uplifting. Her tenacious spirit and humble demeanor serve as a great model for others. I was most impressed by her piano performance at the Grandparents/Veterans day celebration. It goes to show you that every child has hidden gifts ready to be unleashed in the world.”

High achievement is not limited to her academics. Maryrose is active in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, and skiing. Her mother, Bernadette notes, “She enjoys skiing at Mount Sunapee and cross country at Eastman Community Association. She loves to sing in the St. Patrick’s and MRA choir and is an amazing pianist. She finds playing the piano relaxing and fun. We love to listen to her play at home and when entertaining others.”

Her free time is often devoted to volunteer work. Every year for Thanksgiving she helps serve dinner in Keene to the homeless. In the summer, she is involved in the Make-a-Wish foundation, raising money to participate in a 72hr rafting challenge.  She is always helping at Church. Her and her sister love to decorate St. Patrick’s in Newport for the various liturgical celebrations.

A firm faith is the foundation for a flourishing life. Maryrose gives witness to this truth by using her talents endowed by God to excel in all aspects of life.