Teachers: Heart and Soul of Catholic Schools

Dear Families,

Catholic Schools' Week was something I always looked forward to as a child attending diocesan schools in Manchester, and I love seeing that same anticipation in our students here at Mount Royal. The kids look forward to the annual traditions of the week, and it is important that we take this time as a school community to honor our mission of education and evangelization.

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima and look forward to the diocese-wide consecration of Catholic schools to Our Lady in May, the faculty has chosen a Marian theme as the focus of Catholic Schools' Week. Students have spent the week writing essays and decorating classroom doors based on the theme “Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Hope.”

It is impossible to celebrate this week without being deeply grateful for the teachers and staff who make our school the family that it is. It is the teachers, engaging individually and personally with students in the classroom each day, who bring to life the gift of Catholic education. Their example of faith and tireless efforts in helping each student become who God meant them to be is truly the heart of our school. As a parent of MRA students, I am forever indebted to the teachers who my children have had the privilege to encounter. Thank you to our hardworking, selfless faculty!

We pray this week that God will continue to bless our beautiful school, and Catholic schools everywhere, as we serve the students with whom we have been entrusted, preparing them not only for their vocation but guiding them on their journey to heaven.

 Katie Richardson, Vice Principal