What does God do with our prayers?

God uses our prayers to show us that He is not there for us to use him as some crutch, but to help us when we truly need it. He will do things with us, not for us. In that way He is a like a father to us. Like a father, God wants to spend time with us and help us when we are truly in need. He has a plan for us that will work out for the best if we choose to follow it. Also, similar to a father, God enjoys it when we talk to him lovingly, for who He is, not what he can do for us. This is the best way to show that you have wholehearted love for God.

God does not answer our prayers because his mind cannot be changed. His plan is already made, and if your prayers cooperate with God's plan, they will be fulfilled. God loves us with all his heart, but uses our prayers to help us become more reliant upon him, while growing in our relationship with Him.

- Malachi Swenson, 8th grade graduate of Mount Royal