College Counseling

A liberal arts curriculum prepares students to become whatever God is calling them to be. MRA strives to ensure that all doors remain open to students as they discern their vocation. We therefore strongly encourage students to prepare for college by taking all the necessary steps to keep the door open.

Sophomores and Juniors take the PSAT. MRA is currently applying to become a Collegeboard approved test-site so students can take the PSAT on campus.

Juniors are also offered an SAT prep course on the MRA campus. The course meets outside of the school day. Students practice, prepare, and learn the strategies needed in order to be successful on the SAT.

Seniors receive mandatory biweekly college counseling during the school day throughout their senior year. They also attend college fairs at local public schools during the fall.

We also invite guest speakers to visit the campus to help students in their discernment process. Speakers include alumni, financial aid advisors, and college admissions team members. In 2012, we gratefully welcomed the president of the Cardinal Newman Society - Mr. Patrick Reilly - onto our campus. His keynote address was entitled, "The State of Higher Catholic Education".

Class of 2015 SAT Performance
SAT Reading Math Writing Composite
Average 628 616 628 1872
2013 U.S. Average 497 513 487 1497