Challenged to be Better by Students

Dear Families,

Today we enter the season of Lent, something I always dreaded growing up but now look forward to. What used to be mean nothing more than 40 dismal days of no dessert (made worse by the fact that my dad, to replace the smoking habit he gave up, relied heavily on a nighttime bowl of Ben and Jerry’s to get through) now presents as an opportunity to clean my spiritual house. Pope Benedict often referred to Lent as a period of conversion, a time to “return to God with all our heart.” The Church is so wise in her liturgical year, providing for us during Lent a framework to make amends and turn back to God in a way which we would likely not have the self-discipline to initiate on our own.

In Catechesis classes and informal conversations this week, I was pleased to hear our students demonstrate a more evolved understanding of Lent than I had at their age. I heard some talk about praying more, going to Lenten events at their parish, volunteering, and making sacrifices, all great ways to participate in the three Lenten directives to pray, fast and give alms. They even helped me formulate my own Lenten plan, challenging me to do more than I originally planned.

At MRA, in addition to classroom Lenten lessons and observances, we will pray the stations of the cross as a school community each week. Parents are always welcome to participate in school liturgical celebrations, and we invite you to join us each week for stations.

 Wishing you all a fruitful Lent and a restful winter break with your families.


 Katie Richardson, Vice Principal