Curriculum Fair Recap

Mount Royal’s annual curriculum fair, this year based on the Church’s celebration of the Year of Faith, was held in the St. Joseph Center from May 10th – 13th. Students applied knowledge from subjects across the curriculum to compile projects relating to the Catholic faith.

Pre-K students showcased their writing skills with stories about saints and nature based projects.  The kindergarten class paid homage to biblical men and women of faith through writing, art and costumes.  Various aspects of Vatican City were portrayed through written paragraphs, posters, dioramas and other visual projects completed by the first and second grade class.  Third and fourth graders authored a class story on seeing Jesus in those around us and celebrated the liturgical year of the Church with posters and written compositions.  Fifth and sixth grade students completed drawings and biographies of the pre-kindergarten students they have mentored throughout the year.

Upper school projects were varied, touching upon science, history and theology. Students used blog posts and video interviews to address subjects such as faith and reason, the sanctity of life and the sacredness of marriage.  Physics and biology projects were on display, as were historical dioramas.

Projects were enjoyed by both parents and members of the community. Thank you to all of the families who supported the efforts of our students.