A Day of Rededication

On Saturday September 22nd, the Mount Royal school community gratefully welcomed Bishop Peter Libasci onto our new campus. Bishop Peter graciously accepted the school’s invitation to visit, celebrate Mass, and then rededicate the revamped campus a few weeks ago. It was most fitting that Bishop Peter visit on a Saturday, providing us with the opportunity to renew our school’s mission, while at the same time reconsecrating the school in honor to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since the beginning, Mount Royal has maintained a deep devotion to Our Lady, constantly imploring her intercession along with our patron, her most blessed spouse St. Joseph.

Mount Royal has certainly come a long way since its homeschooling origins. Some of the original founding families were in fact gathered there to worship and celebrate. Bishop Peter’s predecessor – Bishop John McCormack – formally recognized the school as Catholic nearly 10 years ago, giving our school community the greatest gift we could ever receive, the Eucharistic presence of our Lord on campus. Moreover, it was also highly affirming to obtain the formal support of Mother Church, because our mission is a continuation of the work of the Church: to evangelize children, to cooperate with God’s grace in the building His Kingdom of Love, and to show children their truest aspiration, which is union with our Heavenly Father.

It was also a great blessing to the school community that the three priests who have been most instrumental in recent years in the work of sanctifying the student body with the weekly Mass were also present. Fr. Rick St. Louis (formerly of St. Patrick’s), Fr. Robert Biron from Our Lady of Fatima, and Fr. Peter Boucher of St. Patrick’s concelebrated the Mass with Bishop Peter.

The president of the board – Mr. Thomas Broom – thanked the families and faculty members for their sacrifices and dedication, the only reason that made possible what was seemingly impossible a few years ago: a campus outfitted with three new buildings.

Our Headmaster, David Thibault, thanked the generosity of the school’s benefactors. Families offered standing ovations to the benefactors, as well as the Bishop and his brother priests. Mr. Thibault also referred to the uniqueness of Catholic education, which not only stresses the importance of quality academic formation, but also the moral and spiritual dimensions of the human person.

Bishop Peter blessed the campus at the conclusion of the ceremonies, with all of the families gathered outside to join him in prayer as he sanctified the campus. The bishop also shared that it was his fifth grade Catholic school teacher who in a sense started his journey towards the priesthood.

It was a very meaningful morning for the families, benefactors, and staff of the school community. Afterwards we celebrated with cake (before lunch).

As families were sharing fellowship with one another, we were reminded yet again of God’s grace. God made this possible. How grateful we are for His generosity, and the only gift we can return is the gift of ourselves, for all grace is undeserved. And so on this morning we gave our hearts and our school back to the Father, entrusting them through the intercession of Our Lady, so that Her Son might continue to inspire, guide, and sustain our efforts at evangelizing children to live as worthy sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

O St. Joseph, beloved patron of Mount Royal Academy, we beseech your prayers on behalf of our school community. Please pray for the continued spiritual growth of our school!