Dr. Sansone Named Teacher of the Year Finalist

Dr. Amy Sansone of Mount Royal Academy was named one of the three finalists for the 2018 Teacher of the Year Award by the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Manchester. This is just her first-year teaching at Mount Royal Academy, but she is quickly gaining the admiration of her students, the parents, and colleagues.

The successes of Catholic schools and their students would not be possible without the selfless support of committed educators, administrators, clergy, and lay partners in the community. This year, the diocese is holding its second annual Recognizing Excellence Awards Gala at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord on Thursday, June 21, 2018. The official winner of the Teacher of the Year Award will be announced at the Gala.

Vice Principal Katie Richardson noted Dr. Sansone’s enthusiasm and how the entire class benefits from the individual attention she gives to each student. “Dr. Sansone tirelessly meets the needs of her individual students, despite the larger class size and diverse abilities of the children in her care. Not only is she able to see what each student needs in the moment, she consistently reaches out to parents to communicate about academic progress, social situations or simply that a child had a bad day. Her ability to meet each child where they are at allows the group as a whole to rise, and she brings contagious enthusiasm to our school community.”

Headmaster Derek Tremblay stated that “Dr. Sansone is about as real and faithful as it gets. She is acutely aware of the human condition, but deeply moved by Christ’s love for all people. I have no recollection of a bad day for her; she brings a certain wit and charming smile to every day she teaches.”

6th grade student Sarah Cunningham said the following about her teacher: “I enjoy being in Dr. Sansone’s class because she has a great teaching style.”

Dr. Sansone could only recall her gratitude when receiving word that she was named a finalist. She stated, “I simply am grateful to work every day within such an amazing school community. The teachers and staff are supportive, the parents provide true partnership, and the students are a joy. It is truly a privilege and honor to come to work each day.”