A Familiar Feast Calls For Preparation

As All Saints Day nears, a day proclaimed to be especially holy in the liturgical calendar, our school began its annual preparations in honor of this special day. This is yet another distinctive feature of the Mount Royal charism, as we aim to celebrate the glory of God and the saints, in stark juxtaposition against the deceitfulness and malice of some of the more popular cultural traditions.

We are re-implementing the Big Buddy, Little Buddy program this year. All of the upper grade level students are paired with lower grade level students, where they converse about the life of the saint, prepare a report, and create a skit to dramatize the life and teaching of a particular saint. Lower grade levels are dressed like the saints they are reporting upon, and then they travel over to the Upper School for some good ole' 'souling' after the skits. During 'souling', treats and kindness are exchanged between the older and younger students.

As the Feast of All Souls draws close, we will also have our Book of the Dead placed in our Oratory for any student or family member who would like to write a deceased loved one in the book. We will pray continually for all the names written in the book during the month of November as we offer the Mass and recite the Rosary regularly. Teachers will be inviting students to record names in the book as part of classroom instruction as well.

St. Joseph, Pray for Us!