A Student Reflects On Service Experience

Going to serve the poor and needy at Cor Unum was an inspiring experience. I was given the task of serving people their meals and making sure that there was a new place set for the next people to come. At first I looked at as a good chance to collect service hours for school, but as soon as I served the first table of people my perspective changed. One would think working at a soup kitchen is a depressing undertaking, something that would dampen your spirits as you were exposed to the poverty of the people. It was actually exactly the opposite. I was filled with joy at the opportunity I was given to help those who actually needed it and to make a true difference, even if it was only in one person’s night. It didn’t bother me that I was hot and uncomfortable at times. All I grew to care about was that everyone was well fed and happy. Working together with my peers to feed the people and give them a comfortable night was very encouraging. I admit I breathed a few tired sighs and wished more than once that I could just sit down, but those times were few and far between as I enjoyed making other people happy more than making myself comfortable. After all the nights those people spent uncomfortable or hungry, the least I could do was give them at least one night that they would enjoy. I hope that the people I served at Cor Unum benefited half as much as I did.

-Ms. Alexandra Mihaly